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Welcome to our Ayurveda Health Center in the heart of Zürich

Our Center in the middle of the vibrant city of Zürich is an oasis of peace and harmony in which the Indian wisdom of ancient times is handed over authentically to the people of today.

We offer Ayurveda consultations and outpatient treatments

“A disharmony of the body parts is called illness, a harmony is called health”. Ayurveda doctor Dr. Susratha 500 BC

Our goal is to use the principles of Aryurveda to restore your inner balance and to bring body and soul into harmony.

The Ayurvedic, holistic approach alleviates the symptoms and helps with numerous health conditions:
• Depression, insomnia, burn-out, anxiety
• Rheumatic complaints
• Gynecological complaints, menopause symptoms
• Skin diseases
• Digestive system discomfort
• Migraines
• Metabolic system problems (obesity, digestive disorders)
• Cardiovascular system ailments
• High blood pressure
• Postnatal complaints

We look forward to discussing your overall state of health with you and suggesting a type-specific, individual Ayurvedic therapy. Contact us.