Preventive Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda the prevention is more important than to seek for cure from a disease. It starts with daily rituals which are some integration of Ayurveda therapies a person can make himself/herself (like Abhyanga before bath every day or Nasya, its daily variant). The Preventive Ayurveda emphasizes eating according to ones Agni and Prakriti. Ayurveda has a well and elaborately set structure about eating rituals, when to eat, how to eat what could the seasonal considerations etc.

The seasonal rituals where eating and personal activities are harmonized with the nature  play an important role in our health. Our nature of appetite, physical conditions is not the same in all seasons we have to respect it though the Ayurvedic principle.

Simple herbal preparations can be made accordingly for each person with available resources to be healthy and to work on mild Dosha disharmonies.

An Ayurveda expert can evaluate the Dosha status, its imbalance, strength and weakness in relation to one’s Prakriti, Agni evaluation, age related conditions, to understand the habits and their importance in health, give inputs about food which is good; which one not advisable and what has to be taken in moderation and so on.

The prognosis of a disease condition can also be seen by pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and with the discussions, which is very important and advices would be given accordingly.