Abhyanga Massage

1Ayurvedic texts recommend Ayurvedic massage daily; Abhyanga’s main function is getting the toxins to move from deeper tissues into gastrointestinal tract for efficient removal.

Abhayanga is a total body massage with herbal oils that tones the skin, rejuvenates and strengthens skin tissues, increases vitality (Ojas) and resistance. Abhyanga keeps your body fit, controls fat, reduces sagging, makes the skin younger, reduces stress and fosters circulation.

Each Abhyanga treatment is carefully prepared, according to the individual needs (dosha types); special herbal oils are used.

Before the first visit, we recommend an Ayurveda consultation with our Ayurveda Consultant to determine Ayurveda type so that we are able to personalize the treatment.

Benefits of abhyanga massage include toxins elimination, soft and smooth skin, increased circulation, mental alertness, calming effect, improvements in muscle tone.

60min 150 CHF
90min 220 CHF


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