stress management therapy

Stress Management Therapy

The basic principle of Ayurveda is to determine an individual’s body constitution type (prakriti) and vikrithi (the disharmony).

The Ayurveda doctor evaluates the dosha imbalance and manages holistic healing based on Ayurvedic principles of daily and seasonal ritual, diet recommendations and different Ayurveda therapies.

The treatments are tailored in such a way as to focus more on deeper aspects of body and mind balance and body healing from within, rather than to depend on the use of chemical medicine.

Classical Ayurveda massage technique, being integrated with special Ayurveda oil blends, aims at relieving stress, bringing relaxation and enhancing the nourishing power.

Sirodhara increases the immunity of the person by a direct action on the PNI axis (psychological-neurological-immunological axis).

It is one of the most relaxing  Ayurveda treatments, which leads the body to a deeper level of calmness. The therapy is also found effective in anxiety related issues; it enhances sleep, stabilizes and balances the autonomous nervous system, decreases stress hormones etc.

Treatments like Siro Vasti are carried out with great care when working with patients with stress related issues, some kinds of depressions etc.

4 Days (first week) + 3 days (second week) Package Stress and Strain 1st Phase
Ayurveda Consultation 30min
7 Abhyanga or Marma Massage 7x60min
7 Sirodhara 7x30min

*Price: on request
*personal improvisation of the program is possible
*the cure will be adjusted to the personal needs based on the consultation’s findings

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