new energy in a week

New energy in a week

Alow yourself a small break in everyday life and get some new energy. The body-mind balance can easily be lost due to stress and wrong nutrition habits in busy life schedules. We set up a special program to help you restore it.

Personal nutrition recommendations based on an Anamnesis will optimize your digestive strength. The massages and heat applications will improve blood circulation and consequently boost your metabolism.

The eneregy-week includes :

Anamnesis to figure out your own natural body-mind constitution. Based on it our Ayurveda expert will give you some nutritional guidelines to be followed during the treatment week as well as some valuable recomendations for the time after it.

Zur Energie-Woche gehört:

  1. 3x Abhyanga massages. These massages will help among other things to loosen toxins from the different bodily tissues and will improve your digestive capacity.
  2. 1x Salt-peeling, a special massage with fine rock salt and diferent herbs or
  3. 1x Jambira Pinda Sweda, a special heat applicationwith cloth bags filled with lemon, coconut and other ingredients.

Both therapies (salt-peeling and jambira pinda sweda) increase blood circulation and have a highly regenerative and cleansing effect.

The whole process should ideally take place in 1 week time during which you should follow the nutritional guidelines given to you by our Ayurveda expert.

Price: upon request

Evening and Saturday appointments possible.

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