Health Condition


During first Ayurveda Consultation one’s Dosha and Subdosha types are determined (Prakrithi – the natural type) – the holistic approach to our body and mind is applied.  Ayurveda teaches that any health problem is related to disharmony of Doshas.  Our Ayurveda Consultant discuss with the client the present health situation through the Ayurveda viewpoint, a more detailed understanding of the root cause of the problem, pre-symptoms, how different aspects of life and activities contribute to the health. During health condition Ayurveda consultation the level of disharmony of Doshas is established, ayurvedic prognosis is made, and different modalities of Ayurveda treatment are recommended.  Usually the recommendation consists of Ayurveda treatments or packages, herbal medication, and food diet.  The follow-up consultation checks the health status of the patient and the next steps are recommended.

Our Ayurveda Consultant recommends the treatment working together with the patient on the exact procedure and timing.  Our goal is that the patient feels always comfortable in the whole process and decides what is right for her/him.