"The doctor as a healer touches the person with massages instead of staying behind his prescription block."

Vaidya Ravi

We are recommending one Ayurveda consultation prior to having any kind of Ayurveda treatments. Our Ayurveda Consultant:
– uses pulse and/or tongue diagnosis technique
– examines your eyes, hair, skin, tongue,hand & feet and your teeth
– looks at the colour of your skin and condition of your hair
– listens to the tone of your voice, the pitch & rhythm of speech and
– asks specific questions about one’s health, life-style, nutrition habits, and any other issues patient might have

to determine person’s Dosha (Ayurveda Type) and Subdosha (Sub-type). Based on the Dosha/Subdosha type and specific condition of the patient appropriate Ayurveda treatments are recommended as well as applicable food diet and life-style adjustments.

Even for preventive / wellness treatments we recommend to have at least 30 minutes consultation to be able to prepare personalized treatment according to one’s dosha that would provide maximum effect.


About Doshas (elemental constitution):

Three main Doshas:

  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha

The Ayurvedic approach is to:

  1. Determine one’s Dosha
  2. Determine the elemental cause of discomfort (imbalance of Doshas)
  3. Applying therapeutic measures to balance elements causing discomfort (bringing Doshas in balance).

Doshas in short:

  1. Vata is a nerve force, responsible for motion, it represents air and space
  2. Pitta is responsible for all the digestive and metabolic functions, it represents fire and water
  3. Kapha is responsible for the body structures, solid and liquid plasma, it represents water and earth

Doshas Properties

  1. Vata: dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, moving
  2. Pitta: slightly oily, hot, light, odorous, liquid
  3. Kapha: Oily, cold, heavy, slow, smooth, slimy, static