About Us

Ayurveda Health Center GmbH

Promenadengasse 8

8001 Zurich

Tel:044 501 6608

General opening hours:
 - Monday – Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00
 - By appointment

Our Center in the middle of the vibrant city of Zürich is an oasis of peace and harmony in which the Indian wisdom of ancient times is handed over authentically to the people of today.

“Disharmony between the body parts is called an illness; harmony is called health.”

(Ayurveda doctor Dr. Susratha 500 B.C.)

In line with our basic Ayurveda principles we aspire to restore your inner balance and to bring body and soul into harmony.
Our Indian Ayurveda experts offer first-class Ayurveda through:

  • - personalized diagnosis,
  • - detailed consultations,
  • - authentic Ayurveda therapies,
  • - food and nutrition consultation and yoga
  • - and by doing so we form the solid basis for your „holistic well-being".

We want our clients to forget about daily stress and hectic, enjoy our treatments, relax in our rooms, feel improvements in their health and wellbeing and leave energized and recharged.

If you are having treatments because of the health conditions or just for prevention or wellbeing, for long-term effectiveness we recommend scheduling treatments on a regular basis. Please contact us and we’ll offer individual or package treatments based on your needs.

The Health Insurance information is available on our Health Insurance page.